Our admission team will welcome you the patient and your loved ones to Regency Hospital. Our top priority is to ensure that you receive high-quality care in an environment in which you feel safe, well cared for and comfortable throughout your stay. The goal of the admission department is to handle all patient referrals in a professional and timely manner.

There are 3 main functions of the admission departments at all Regency Hospitals:

#1 Function: Determination of Medical Necessity and Admission appropriateness.

A Clinical Liaison completes a Regency Hospital pre-admission assessment form on every patient referred accomplishes this. The Clinical Liaison also interviews the patient, family, physicians and any other pertinent medical personnel who are directly involved with the patient's care. This process determines the medical appropriateness of the admission and ensures that a Regency Hospital is the most appropriate and safe environment for the patient to continue their medical treatment.

You or your representative may elect to tour the Regency Hospital prior to the admission. We encourage this and believe it is very valuable in helping you make this important medical decision. The Admission Coordinator can assist you with this Monday thru Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. If these times are not convenient, many staff members at Select can help you and can be flexible to meet your needs. We will tailor your tour based on the needs to the patient to be admitted.

#2 Function: Verification of Insurance coverage.

Prior to admission, all Regency Hospital admission departments conduct a thorough review of all insurance coverage to ensure that the patient will be covered for their stay at Select. The Admission Coordinator directs this review ensuring that all potential barriers to claims payment are addressed and resolved prior to the patient's arrival. If there are issues with coverage, this will be discussed with the patient or their designee. There is a large team of knowledgeable professionals to help the patient and family navigate the complex issues of insurance coverage all of which are dedicated to ensuring hospital coverage and reducing patient liability. You may be asked to provide a copy of your insurance cards to help with this verification.

#3 Function: Admission to a Regency Hospital bed.

The Admission Coordinator will work with the sending medical facility, and your physicians to determine the date and time of your admission. A room/bed will be identified and assigned based on availability, diagnosis, gender and condition of the patient. An admitting physician will be selected, who has experience in treating the special needs of the patient and all equipment and supplies are obtained to safely receive and treat the patient.

Upon arrival to a Regency Hospital, after you have been safely and comfortably settled in your bed, the Admission Coordinator or their designee will approach you or your designated representative to sign the admission paperwork and confirm that all our patient demographics and information are correct to admit you to our patient registration system. Under no circumstances will a patient be admitted and receive non-emergent treatment without a signed Consent to Treat form.

At Regency Hospital, you will find a special environment that creates a strong bond between patient and caregivers. Our team of dedicated professionals and physicians is committed to making your stay with us a positive experience for both you and your family.